The Importance of Massage Therapy

It seems that everyone who comes into our office seeks massage therapy for a different reason. Massage therapy can help improve circulation, relieve tension in the back, clear away lactic acid from the muscles, and increase flexibility.

Other people come get massage therapy for relaxation purposes. Massage therapy has a variety of health benefits as well. Massage therapy has also been shown to lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is linked weight gain.

Massage Therapy benefits

- Back pain relief
- Stress relief
- Circulatory and respiratory conditions
- Migraines
- Muscle spasms
- Arthritis relief

The luxury of having your massage at your chiropractic office is that your massage therapist will be able to directly speak to your chiropractor to ensure that your massage care parallels to your chiropractic care.

Massages are available Monday thru Saturday so call us today at Towne Lake Family Chiropractic in Woodstock, GA to schedule your appointment today. First time massage therapy clients receive their first massage for our introductory rate of $60.

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Dr. Kirk Pusey

Dr. Kirk Pusey

Originally from Michigan, Dr. Kirk Pusey is the director of Towne Lake Family Chiropractic. He graduated with high honors and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Wayne State University in Detroit and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 1982, graduating Summa Cum Laude as class Valedictorian. He was the first chiropractor in Towne Lake. He keeps constantly aware of the latest trends in chiropractic by attending numerous seminars and lectures.