Why Your Wallet Is Causing You Back Problems

If you are like most men, chances are you carry your wallet in the same side of your pants, day after day. It seems like no coincidence that the men who come in for appointments complaining of lower back pain, also carry their wallets in their back pocket.

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Are Your Work Habits Causing You Back and Neck Pain?

Everyday at work we sit at our computers staring at screens, typing away with our necks cocked forward. Our jobs require us to sit for long periods of time and our neck and backs are suffering because of it. While you can’t quit your job to avoid these problems, we have created ways to improve your spinal health while at work. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Will My Insurance Company Cover My Chiropractic Care?

Many people are hesitant about getting chiropractic care because of the costs. The truth is, most health care policies cover at least half if not all of your payment. If you are unsure about your health care coverage, contacting a couple of people might clear things up.

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Why Is My Neck So Stiff From Sleeping

It seems like every week we get a slew of clients who complain of neck pain. While there are many causes for neck pain, one of the main neck pain culprits is poor sleep position. Sleeping with your neck sideways or scrunched can leaded to unnecessary strain on the neck. Too much or too little pillow support could also be serious neck pain waiting to happen.

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Holiday Hazards

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the holidays are officially underway. This means that you will likely be spending time overdoing yourself with decorations, shopping, and running around trying to get things clean before grandma comes to town. All of these strenuous activities can do serious harm to your body. Below, we have covered a few ways to protect you from overdoing it this holiday season.

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Is Your Childs Backpack Too Heavy?

School is fully underway, and we worry more and more about the kids and their heavy backpacks. Backpacks that are too heavy can aggravate Scoliosis. Clients, young and old, come to us here at Towne Lake Chiropractic with Scoliosis problems. Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. Tests such as the Adam’s Bend Forward Test are performed at schools to educate kids about the severity Scoliosis.

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How to Reduce Sports Injuries With Stretching

At Towne Lake Family Chiropractic, we see more and more patients come in with sports ailments due to improper stretching. While we are happy to treat these ailments, we believe that proper preventative care could have eliminated some of the ailments.

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How To Instantly Reduce Stress

Did you know that the stress you have today could affect you ten years down the road from now? It is important to remember how to cope with your stress, to prevent low back pain later. Below we have compiled a list of our favorite relaxation techniques that will help you relieve stress on the spot.

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What Type Of Education Does a Chiropractic Doctor Have?

Like any other doctor, a chiropractor had to go through extensive studies to get to where they are today.

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How to Test Your Child For Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a hereditary, spinal deformity that happens in the curvature of the spine. It is caused by the bending of the vertebrae, deformities of the rib cage, or posture changes. Scoliosis is most likely to appear in girls, and usually during the early teenage years. The scoliosis curve can look different on each person. Scoliosis can take the shape of an “S” on some backs, while looking more like a “C” on others. The difference between the two shapes, “S” and “C”, is whether or not they encompass the whole back, or just the upper or lower back. Serious cases of scoliosis can lead to hunched backs, and/or respiratory problems. However, if scoliosis is detected early, deformity can be prevented. Check the list below to check for early signs of scoliosis.

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